my lane is always traffic free thats why I stay in it



wtf is wrong with teenagers 

promblem? bro we are teen We are teen bro if you have  a problem please remember we are teen we are so fuckgin teen i love being Teen Im A TEEn i love teens im a teen im teen Bro. im teen,. your teen. we’er all teen everyone on this websute is teen

is this Avril Lavigne’s account???

Is it a swastika or the original symbol of peace that it used to be?

he’s a white guy from Idaho with a completely shaven head who apparently was in prison for a while so you tell me

*names my son Waluigi*


**constructs my identity from all my buzzfeed quiz results**


hooligan fruit causing trouble at night

Hamburger Helper is very important to me b/c I don’t love myself

"it’s truly not that serious" is a sentence I’ve been saying a lot lately I think I’m becoming a much more calm person



"To if you want to truly love life you need to do something you love with someone you hate and something you hate with someone you love."

- Jake Bourey

like the time that i had to perform with u in the audience and then actually speak to u with danny

Anonymous: Dude fuck off lily Allen's new album is going to be amazing. It's okay to not like it that's your own opinion but to say everyone should avoid it is pretty much wishing for her to fail which is a pretty dick move.


someone is so scared for Lily’s success that they truly think jack’s side blog is going to impact it

jack u are truly iconic!!!